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Nowadays, hotels do not end up with availability of rooms and people’s stay alone, rather gets extended to features like, safety, pleasure stay, and most importantly customer satisfaction, etc…

The hospitality industry is growing at a faster rate in India. The major reason for the growth of the hotels and the hospitality industry is the tremendous growth of the service sectors, IT industries, telecommunication industries, and booming economic factors of the country, etc… Meanwhile, the country has also started to flourish in the hotel management institutions, and many renowned colleges/universities that provided the hotel management courses in their institutions have definitely taken forward the hospitality industry to next level in the country. It is not something new to the Indians, as they are naturally good in their hospitalities. Now they have also started to look towards increasing the features of such hotel industries throughout the country.

Variety is the Key

Yes, the significant fact about the hotels in India is the variety of options available to the people, both citizens and foreigners. There are various star hotels in the country, ranging from 5 star to 2 star hotels, besides motels, cheap, and discount hotels. If you observe clearly, you could see that the country has a room for every class of the people, meaning middle class, upper class, business class people, and tourists people, etc… Such hotels perform various activities, apart from only renting the rooms to the people. Most of the star hotels in the country would have a conference hall facilities and party hall facilities, hence these hotels would rent the halls with first preference to companies and service sectors and with secondary preference to interest of other people. Further, the beach resorts and resorts with multipurpose recreational facilities/features are the primary attractive factors for the tourists from other countries. In fact, the series of Indian star hotels, like Taj’s hotels, GRT, and Leela Palace , etc… have got renowned fame and name, majorly for its service, quality and standards. The hotel industries have got big development plans for the coming years with developments of many international hotels in the line!

Economic Contribution

The hotel industries are in turn connected with the tourism industry and hence they are directly proportional, meaning, the hotel industries would grow with pace to the growth of the tourism industries. The hotel industry network in India is the second largest network in the Asia-Pacific, next to China. It is expected that the Indian hotel industry is expected to grow at a rate 8.8% during the year of 2007-2016. The manpower resources of the hotel industries too, is set to increase to a rate of 15 million by the year 2015. Thus, it is continually supporting the GDP growth of the country, through its enhancements and Foreign Exchange Earnings, etc…

Supporting Factors

Many international airports in the major commercial cities have been renovated and enhanced with drastic standards and quality to attract tourists from all around the world. Recently, the Delhi International airport have undergone a huge transaction in terms of growth and business development. This act as one of the major attractive factor in promoting the growth of hotels and hotel industries in the country. Other supportive factors, such as booming real estate industry, availability of cheap labors, support from government, and strong engineering base of India, etc… have contributed and still continuing to contribute to the growth of hotels in the country.

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